What do RhythmKeepers do?

From the tiniest microscopic particles to entire galaxies, everything in this universe is pulsing in a cosmic rhythmic dance with everything else.  In his book “Planet Drum”, Mickey Hart says “… human beings, as multidimensional rhythm machines, are also embedded in this universe of rhythm. As a species we love to play with rhythm because it seems to connect us to something fundamental in the nature of reality.”

As RhythmKeepers, Brian and I are committed to creating many and varied opportunities for people of all ages to connect in rhythmic community.  From the little wee ones and their caregivers singing and dancing in Music Together classes to seniors coming alive with delight in a drum circle, every human being craves connection with other human beings. Rhythm is a perfect platform for that kind of connection because it is so inherent in all of us.

While dancing and drumming are very clearly rhythmic activities, we don’t often think of our voices as rhythm instruments. The TaKeTiNa approach to rhythm allows the voice to take its rightful place as the bridge between our interior sense of rhythm (represented in our steps) and our exterior sense of rhythm (represented in our hands). Our voice originates inside us and manifests on the outside as vibration which connects us to everything and everyone around us.

And speaking of voices, the Village SongCircle is a place where all voices are welcome, where we use rhythm and song to reweave the fabric of community.  Check out our flashmob on the ferry last week!

There is a lot of confusion in our western culture about what it means to “have rhythm”.  We have been systematically disconnected from our own internal rhythms through being forced to sit still when our bodies want to move, and told to keep our voices down when we want to sing out loud. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you don’t have rhythm. If you are breathing and your heart is beating, you have all the rhythm you need!