On Saturday, Brian and I had lots of fun at Bowen Island’s annual community fair Bowfest. We sat under a cozy little tent as the rain came and went (yay for the rain!) talking up our Village SongCircle and my Music Together classes (www.westsidemusictogether.ca).  We also had the opportunity to sing a song or two with a few members of our Island Village SongCircle, which starts up in exactly 2 weeks.  Almost everyone who stopped by our table had a story to tell about how they either loved singing or thought that they couldn’t sing. It gives me great pleasure to talk to people who think they can’t sing, and convince them that they can.  Most people don’t take a lot of convincing!

There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that everyone can sing. Most of the people who believe that they can’t have been told that by someone else.  They didn’t come to that conclusion on their own. And many of the people who say they can’t sing will admit that they often sing by themselves in the car or the shower, just not when there’s anyone else around.  So I tell them that it’s not that they can’t sing, it’s that they don’t care to have their singing judged by other people. And they most often agree with that.

Thanks to the recording industry and shows like American Idol, many people have grown up believing that their natural voices aren’t “good enough” when compared to the “real” singers. If you’re one of those people, I have great news!  Your voice is absolutely good enough! Here’s a link to a wonderful YouTube video talking about  that very topic.


It features Sophia Efthimiou (www.sophiaefthimiou.com), a wonderful Natural Voice practitioner from the UK.  She starts off by saying “We are all born singers” and takes it from there. The babies and small children in my Music Together classes remind me every week that we are all born singers. It is such a delight to see the way they instinctively respond to the music with their bodies and voices, and how quickly they learn to imitate the movements and reproduce the pitches with sometimes astonishing accuracy. Musical aptitude is hard-wired into our brains!

So, however you feel about your voice, do yourself a huge favour and get involved in some kind of group singing (if you aren’t already), whether it’s an informal jam circle or a community choir.  And if you have children under 5, check out Music Together.  www.musictogether.com  It’s not only a super fun inter-generational music class, it’s a worldwide movement to put informal music making back in the heart of family life, right where it belongs.