Sound and Music Events

If you’re one of those people who love to sing but don’t want to go out at night (and who can blame you in this dark time of the year!) then the “One World One Voice” SongCircle just might be the group for you. We meet Tuesdays from 1-2:30 pm at Collins Hall, starting on January 22nd and running for 14 weeks. The formula is the same as for the Monday night “Just Sing!” group: no printed music + no performance = no pressure! We sing easy-to-learn, fun songs from many traditions: gospel, folk, world, rounds, chants, silly songs & serious songs, all taught in the call-and-response aural tradition. So you don’t need to read music, or know anything about music. All you need is your voice, which is perfectly good enough!

No experience necessary, ages 8 – 108 welcome. Come for a free trial for the first week or two. If you decide to join us, the fee is on a sliding scale (you decide how much feels right for you to pay) between $75 and $150. If money is an issue, you are still welcome to come and pay what you can.

We hope to see you in the circle!

Sound and Music Events

“Just Sing!” returns to its usual Monday night 7 – 9 time slot at Collins Hall on January 21st and runs for 14 weeks. If you’ve ever had even a passing thought of singing with other folks but don’t want to have to memorize music or perform in public, this is the group for you! We’re not a choir, we’re a SongCircle. No experience necessary, ages 8 – 108 welcome. Everyone can sing, and everyone deserves to know their voice is valuable and worthy of being heard. Join us for a free trial for the first week or two. If you decide to join, the fee is on a sliding scale from $75 to $150. If money is an issue, you are welcome anyway. Just pay what you can.

Most music is taught in call-and-response aural tradition. We sing easy-to-learn, fun songs from many different traditions: folk, gospel, rounds, chants, silly songs and serious songs. The one thing they all have in common is that they need a group to make them harmonious. And by the way, if you’re not sure you know how to harmonize, don’t worry. We use Pete Seeger’s definition of harmony which “Any note you’re singing that your neighbour isn’t”!

Please join us!

Song Circle of Notes

Welcome to the One World One Voice SongCircle! No matter what you may have heard, everyone can sing. Yes, even you! One World One Voice welcomes singers of all abilities and experience levels. If you are one of the many people who have been told they can’t or shouldn’t sing, you are especially warmly invited! Our western culture is deeply confused about singing and we aim to clear up some of that confusion. We’ve been taught to believe that if you don’t sound like someone on a recording, you’re not good enough to be part of group. In fact, many people who “can’t hold a tune in a bucket” on their own do perfectly fine in groups! We humans are communal creatures, and singing is one of the easiest ways to connect and feel part of something greater than ourselves. One World One Voice is part of the Ubuntu Choir network, a growing community of choirs who believe that the joy of singing is a universal birthright, and that together, regardless of musical background, we can help improve the world by joining voices in song.”

Whether or not you have ever sung a note outside the shower or your car, your voice is welcome in the circle. We don’t perform or use printed music. No performance + no printed music = no pressure! That’s our winning formula!

We gather weekly in the afternoon to accommodate those who prefer not to go out at night. We sing for each other, for ourselves, and for the pure joy of being in harmony. Please join us to try it out for the first week or two, at no cost and no obligation. If you do decide to join us, the cost is on a sliding scale from $75 – $150 for the 14 week session. If the bottom end of the scale is more than you can afford, then pay what you can. You can also pay in instalments if that helps.

We look forward to seeing you in the circle!

Song Circle of Notes

You are warmly invited to Just Sing! with your friends and neighbours on Bowen Island. Just Sing! is a SongCircle, not a choir. No concerts, no printed music, no pressure to perfect anything, just the joy of being in harmonious connection with each other. Come for the first week or two to check it out at no cost and no obligation.

And if you are one of those people who were told you can’t or shouldn’t sing, then you are especially welcome! All voices are welcome in the circle, ages 8 – 108.

Contact Shasta for more information, or just show up!

Laurence Cole


Join master storyteller and song leader Laurence Cole from Pt. Townsend WA, for a weekend of connecting in song on Bowen Island. A long-time member of the Ubuntu Choir network (, Laurence has a great gift for using the power of song to bring people together in a rich and deep experience of harmony in community. Inspired by the work of Malidome Some, Michael Meade and Francis Weller, Laurence compassionately leads groups into the depths of grief and the heights of joy. We’d love to have you in the village!

Friday night (7:00 – 9:30) and Sunday afternoon (2 – 4:30) are open community Song Circles, and Saturday (9:30 am – 9:30 pm) is an all-day Grief Song Ceremony, with an optional follow-up on Sunday morning. You are welcome to come to any or all of the events of the weekend. The Song Circles are each $40, the Grief Song Ceremony is $80, and the cost for the entire weekend is sliding scale $120 – $200. There are many wonderful B&Bs on Bowen Island, and billeting can also be arranged. Contact shastamartinuk at gmail dot com for more details and to register.

Sound and Music Events

Shasta & Brian are delighted to invite anyone aged 8 – 108 who wants to sing during the daytime to join the brand new One World, One Voice Singers.  Beginning Tuesday Feb. 13th, we will meet weekly on Tuesdays from 1:00 – 2:30 pm at Collins Hall.  Our songs are fun, easy to learn, drawn from many different cultures and taught in the oral tradition. No printed music + no performance = no pressure! Singing is a wonderful way to create connection and now there’s research showing that it’s good for us too. So do yourself a favour and come sing with your friends, family and fellow islanders. We’d love to have you in the circle!

The first session is free. If you decide to register, the fee is on a sliding scale from $60 – $120 for 12 weeks. Contact shastamartinuk at gmail dot com for more info, or call Brian or Shasta at 2283.

Sound and Music Events

Singing is our human birthright. In the modern era, we have outsourced music making to the “professionals” and it’s time we restored it to its rightful place at the heart of our community. There is no better or easier way for a group of people to feel deeply connected with each other than to sing together!

All singers aged 8 to 108 are welcome in the Village SongCircle. We are a group of island friends and neighbours who gather every Monday at Collins Hall to sing together for a couple of hours. We sing for joy, for fun, and for connection. Our repertoire is drawn from many cultures and styles: folk, chants, lullabies, rounds. The songs are easy to learn and taught mainly in the “call & response” oral tradition so there’s no need to read music. We don’t do public performances so there is no pressure to perfect anything. We believe that we are all perfectly good enough, just the way we are! The Village SongCircle is a member of the Ubuntu Choir Network, a growing community of choirs who believe that the joy of singing is a universal birthright, and that together, regardless of musical background, we can help improve the world by joining voices in song.”

Many people mistakenly believe they can’t sing or have been told that their voice is not good enough. One of our goals in the Village SongCircle is to provide a healing space for anyone who feels that they’ve been negatively affected by hurtful messages they received regarding their voice. If you’re one of those people, or even if you’re just curious what we’re up to, come as our guest for a week or two to see if the SongCircle is the right fit for you. No obligation. If you decide to join, the fee is on a sliding scale from $75 – 150, or if money is tight, you are welcome to pay what you can when you can.

Sound and Music Events

Have you always wanted to sing but were told that you can’t? Or do you already like to sing but aren’t interested in performing? Have we got a group for you! Shasta Martinuk and Brian Hoover (Village RhythmKeepers) are pleased to invite you to the Island Village Songcircle, a weekly gathering for the purpose of sharing easy-to-learn and fun-to-sing music from many different cultures and traditions. All adults and older youth are invited to join. No musical or vocal training or experience is required, in fact new singers are especially welcome.

Treat yourself to the joy of singing in harmony with your friends, neighbours and family. Singing is a wonderful way to connect with ourselves and each other. Not only is it fun, there’s a growing body of evidence that it’s also really good for our health, as individuals and as a society. So why not treat yourself to an evening a week of musical and healthy fun? We meet every Monday from 7:00 to 9:00 at Collins Hall, beginning September 25th. Come as our guest for the first two weeks to check it out. If you decide to sign up, the cost will be sliding scale $75 to $150 for a 12 week session (and if that’s too much, pay what you can). Contact Shasta or Brian at 604-947-2283 for more information or email

Looking forward to singing with you in the circle!

Song Circle of Notes

What could be better than sun, surf, supper and song, all in the same place? Join Shasta & Brian and the Village SongCircle at Cape Roger Curtis Beach every Monday in August (7,14,21,28) for a drop-in family friendly sing-along! We’ll sing new songs and old favourites, folksongs and chants from around the world. No singing experience required, everyone welcome. No registration required, just come if you can. Donations gratefully accepted and entirely optional.

We’ll meet at the beach at 6:15 and sing from 6:30 to 8:00. Optional swim and potluck supper at 5:15. If you can’t stay the whole time due to little people’s bedtimes, come anyway and leave whenever you have to.

If the weather is looking iffy, we’ll relocate to our yurt. Call – 2283 if you’re not sure or need directions.


Laurence Cole

Go Down Deep, Rise Up Singing – a weekend of connecting in song with Laurence Cole.

Join guest singer/songwriter/songleader Laurence Cole and the Island Village SongCircle (a member of the Ubuntu choirs network) for a journey into singing, listening, grieving, co-creating in care for the whole living world.  We will raise our collective voices in harmony, in joy, in grief, in gratitude and celebration.

From Laurence’s website: “Part of my mission is to re-acquaint people with their birthright and natural ability to make beautiful and meaningful sound together. Most of the songs I’ve written are short, easy to learn, chant-like songs with several layers that fit over and around each other in interesting and pleasurable rhythmic and harmonic challenges that make them fun to sing. Group singing is one of the most ancient and primal “technologies of belonging” that we humans have been using since our earliest times, possibly before speech itself. When we make joyous and passionate song together, it nourishes our souls and offers an enlivening gift back to the natural world that made us and gives us our sustenance and our very being. When such an exchange is genuinely made, and the song finds its natural ending, often there is a sweet, lively silence in which we simply stand and hold the “enchantment,” the sense of deep and genuine communion amongst each other and with the whole living world.”


Friday 7 – 9 pm: open SongCircle; Saturday 10 am – noon: open SongCircle; Saturday 1:30 – 4:30 pm: Songwriting and the art of listening to each other; Sunday 2 – pm 4: open SongCircle.  Sunday 9:00 am to noon: Grief Song Ceremony

Fee structure:

Friday night only OR Saturday morning only OR Sunday afternoon only: $30 each

Saturday all day: $60

Saturday afternoon songwriting workshop only: $40

Sunday Grief Song Ceremony only: by donation

Entire weekend: $130

(If money is an issue for you, please talk to Shasta or Brian about payment options. We sincerely hope that you don’t let money be the reason for not taking advantage of this great opportunity.)

No singing or musical experience is required for any part of this weekend. We believe that everyone can sing, and everyone deserves to sing. Shy singers, or people who’ve been told they can’t or shouldn’t sing, are especially warmly invited!