Compass: Rhythm and Song - Your Inner Compass

For thousands of years, rhythm and song has provided a kind of social glue for human societies all over the world. If you know the same songs and rhythms that I know, then we instinctively understand that we belong together. Singing and moving in rhythm, in addition to connecting us with each other, are also an effective way to reconnect with ourselves when external circumstances have knocked us off our centre.  There are some songs and rhythms I can reliably turn to when I need to change my energy, whether I’m wound up and need calming, or feeling depleted and need a boost.

Our human bodies love to move together in rhythm. It not only reminds us how connected we are, to each other and to the greater whole, but is also a source of great joy. Anyone who has ever watched babies dancing can see  that! And singing together is the only way I know of for a group of any size to be all simultaneously touching each other. The vibrations that we create with our instruments and our voices emanate from us in ripples and waves,  setting up sympathetic resonance in everything they touch.

Brian and I are looking forward to exploring the theme of using rhythm and song as a powerful source of inner guidance in our upcoming RhythmKeepers gathering on Bowen Island June 12 – 14.  We will use practices such as TakeTiNa, circle singing, chanting, storytelling, Qi Gong, meditation, journaling and silence, to allow for the emergence of individual and collective wisdom.  In these challenging times, transformation is in the wind, and rhythm and song provide a powerful compass to steer into an unknown future. We will begin by asking the question: “What is your personal north star?” and see where we go from there.  I hope you can join us!