Worldwide, countless people are using the TaKeTiNa rhythm process for personal development.

Drum & Song Circles

If you can walk you can dance, if you can talk you can sing! -African Proverb

SoulTime Creativity Retreats

Rumi said "Out beyond all ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." Come and play with friends in the field of creativity!

TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process

Experience the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process with the first certified facilitators in Canada!

Drum & Song Circles

It's easy to learn to drum! Learn to play the djembe or other percussion instruments with the RhythmKeepers. Shasta Martinuk also facilitates Song Circles.  Contact us to sign up!

SoulTime Creativity Retreats

SoulTime Creativity Retreats are a time for women and men to celebrate our inherent creativity through music, dance, writing, visual art and play!

Who are the RhythmKeepers?


Welcome to the dark days

I love this time of year. The turning of the wheel of the seasons is palpable as the quality of the daylight gets more dramatic, with its long shadows and...

A Path To Wholeness

It’s a beautiful summer morning, and my mind is occupied with the many paradoxes of modern living. In this world of tremendous privilege and pain existing side by side within...

The Rhythm of Home – guest post by Zamir Dhanji

From our first moments of sentience we were in the wombs of our mother, held within an amniotic fluid that cushioned us in the rhythmic vibrations of sound and movement....

The Power of Song

On Saturday, Brian and I had lots of fun at Bowen Island’s annual community fair Bowfest. We sat under a cozy little tent as the rain came and went (yay...

Rhythm: It’s everywhere

Having just returned from a 3-day kayaking / camping adventure in the Copeland Islands near Desolation Sound with our good friends Sue & Dave (well, 4 days if you include...

One woman’s TaKeTiNa experience

Brian and I are just back from our Alberta TaKeTiNa road trip.  We did a one-evening introductory workshop –  “Rhythm: Your Inner Compass” – in Calgary, and a weekend –...

Music for pain relief

According to Jeanette Bicknell, PhD, “A growing body of research supports the claim that music can alleviate physical pain. Studies have shown music to be an effective pain reliever, both...

Shasta and Song Circle

Singing just for the joy of it

Tonight was the wrap up party for the 2015 winter/spring session of our Island Village SongCircle.  A few dozen of us gathered at the home of a family who all...

Compass: Rhythm and Song - Your Inner Compass

Rhythm and Song: Your Inner Compass

For thousands of years, rhythm and song has provided a kind of social glue for human societies all over the world. If you know the same songs and rhythms that...

RhythmKeepers Ferry Flash Mob

SongCircle Ferry Flash Mob

Island Village SongCircle Ferry Flash Mob Passengers on the newly refurbished Queen of Capilano were treated to a surprise visit from members of the Island Village SongCircle.   Check it out!